A successful Web site doesn’t just happen by accident. To create a Web site people will want to visit over and over again, keep the following time-tested guidelines in mind.


1. Offer something useful on ever page
Too many websites are filled with fluff-pages that don’t have any useful content. Avoid creating pages that are just steps along the way to truly useful informations. Instead, strive to include something useful on every page of your web site.

2. Check the competition.
Find out what other Web sites similar to yours have to offer. Don’t create a “me too” Web sites similar to yours have to offers nothing but information that is already available elsewhere. Instead, strive for unique information that can be found only on your website.

3. Make it look good.
No matter how good the information at your web site is, people will stay away if your site looks as if you spent nomore than five minutes on design and layout. Yes, substance is more important than style. But an ugly website turns people away whereas an attractive Web site draws people in.


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