Philippines Tourism and Travel Guide

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Shifting my attention for a while, I had a chance to chat with a friend and also viewed his project which is his blog, Paraiso Philippines, and saw how the project moved forward with so much interesting content about the Philippines. It has become a tremendous source of reference and resource information about the Philippines with such colorful photos of our country and became a major concept of interesting information especially for travelers, expatriates, retirees and for local citizens as well. The expanding and booming Places of Interest in the Philippines has been its grand topic while it shows some of the interesting pictures of the in’s and around the country of its Photo Gallery. It did really became a mighty blog for the Philippines representing the Tourism and Travel industry of the country. Many of the posts are very well represented by local pictures that creates an idea for readers to better explore, view and understand what the Philippines has to offer. A very nice concept for the writer and his team. Hopefully it will grow more and really become the Philippine Tourism and Travel Guide Official Blog of the Philippines. The blog has a new addition of a Philippine Directory created especially for local websites information for the country.

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