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Finding out the definition of a name is something we have all done one point in time throughout our lives.  Maybe it was for a school project.  Maybe you were just curious.  No matter what the reason, researching names meaning is a very common practice and there is now a new online search engine that you can use to not only search out names origins, but also add your own researched information to the database and share it with other people.

Namespedia is a new database of names meaning and names origin that has been put together using the very popular ‘Wikipedia’ format.  Users will search Namespedia to see if their name is already in the database.  If it is, they have the option of editing the entry to add additional information to it.  If it is not included in the database, then users can select the ‘Add A Page’ function and fill out the common format template that has been included by the database’s creators.  They even suggest that you add your name if it is not included in the database in the event that someone else may know the meaning and eventually fill it in for you.

Namespedia currently does not have many editors so if you have a wiki page format that you like to use, you can feel free to enter your names meaning with it.  As the site grows, the editors plan on adding additional staff members to go through the site and standardize the names origins and meanings pages.  But until that happens, tell the world what your name means in the most creative way you know how.

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